Points of Unity

To begin building a resistance movement, we are hosting a direct action camp to build skills and relationships necessary for that resistance movement in New England. Below, we have expressed points of unity in coming together for this camp.
1. Oppression Exists – We identify that overlapping oppression exists for humans. In our work,  we strive to connect that to the oppression and destruction of the natural world by colonial, industrial capitalism. We are committed to intervening in oppression as it manifests in interpersonal and systemic ways.
2. Accountability – As we live on stolen land in Vermont, we strive to be accountable to our local communities, and globally to the communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We recognize the various ecological crises are physical, and create action imperatives. Thus, we hold ourselves accountable to the non-human beings with whom we hope to share the future. We hope to continue our work with formal systems of accountability.  Right now we are working on building those relationships.
3. Direct Action – We are here to learn the necessary skills for employing direct action effectively in our work. We want to build an alert direct-action network in New England that is committed to anti-oppressive modes of organizing and action. We appreciate honest personal assessments of ability and capacity, and want to create and affirm all levels of participation in action scenarios.

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